Chocolate at Ali’s

Second year in a row we are visiting a special place in Vilnius while on vacations. It is Ali’s Chocolate place (Ali šokoladinė). The place is both modern and cozy. The deserts and cakes are so good looking and so yummy. Maybe each peace is too big if one is interested to try few. All … Continue reading

A cake in the cup

Sometimes late at night or on a short brake while writing suddenly I get an unbearable craving. For something sweet. With a chocolate. Like a cake. Then usually I bake the cake in a cup. I found this recipe  long time ago in a blog of one Lithuanian couple living in Australia. I could not … Continue reading

Skyrgámur and Some Christmas Treat

Skyrgámur or Skyr-Gobbler came last night! He is stealing skyr in big amounts. Skyr is Icelandic diary product similar to yogurt. Skyr cake is the most popular Icelandic cheese cake that is very easy to make. This is my version of skyr cake: whip 500 ml of heavy cream until firm, mix 500 ml of plane … Continue reading

Package Designs I Like III/ Įpakavimo dizainas: tai, kas man patinka III

There are so many people who know this package so well. You know how it happens: suddenly thinks just appear like in different light. Like you have never seen them before. I have always seen the chocolate inside not the package.  Suddenly this box appear to me as an ideal wrap to those tiny delicate … Continue reading