House by the river


It has been a while. I spent this time dreaming, crying, being sad and active in the other fields. I was studying in university, doing some small research, participating in conferences, learning Icelandic, fighting my own demons and still do. I started to sort my old photos the other day and stumbled upon these ones. I like the colors in particular. These are the ruins of old power station on the river. Summer in Iceland. Old and new.



3 Responses to “House by the river”
  1. Life often gets in the way of life. I too have been away, you are inspiring me to return. I do understand personal demons…

    • I was thinking of you just few days ago. I thought that I have not heard anything from you for a long time so you might have had your reasons not to write too.

      • Our lives are at different junctures but still appear to cause us reasons for deep reflection.
        I retired last week from an 18 year job as a domestic violence advocate. This past winter their stories overwhelmed me and I knew I had to move on. I am heading into my sixth decade and wonder what should I be when I grow up?

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