Team Swap

Christmas came early to me this year I guess. I mean presents. Everything started around half a year ago when Mamta Motiyani, a lovely crocheting lady from Mumbai, India, has invited me into CreateCrochet Team on Facebook. Than in the fall Mamta organized a team swap in which I took part. It happened so that … Continue reading

Gluggagægir And Ginger Cookies

Gluggagægir or Window-Peeper came last night! He is looking through the windows for the things to steel. We were backing ginger cookies, decorating the ginger cookie house and a Christmas tree:

Bjúgnakrækir And Some Christmas Sewing

Bjúgnakrækir or Sausage-Swiper came last night! He is steeling sausages that are hanged for smoking. In all schools and kindergartens in Iceland there are Icelandic sausages – bjugas served for lunch today. Kids love it and it makes Bjúgnakrækir one of the most beloved Yule Lads. Here is the costume of monkey that I made … Continue reading

Skyrgámur and Some Christmas Treat

Skyrgámur or Skyr-Gobbler came last night! He is stealing skyr in big amounts. Skyr is Icelandic diary product similar to yogurt. Skyr cake is the most popular Icelandic cheese cake that is very easy to make. This is my version of skyr cake: whip 500 ml of heavy cream until firm, mix 500 ml of plane … Continue reading

Me On Etsy! / Mano parduotuvė Etsy!

Finaly I made it! I opened my shop on Etsy! Welcome to Ice Beautiful on Etsy. Find Ice Beautiful on Facebook as well: Ice beautiful on Facebook Pagaliau aš tai padariau! Atidariau savo rankdarbių parduotuvę Etsy! Sveiki atvykę į Ice Beautiful parduotuvę Etsy. As jau ir Facebook’e: Ice Beautiful Facebook’e

Crocheted Flowers / Nertos gėlės

I was crocheting again. Actually I was crocheting all the time! All kinds of flowers: brooches, headbands, necklace. Here they are: Nunėriau dar keletą gražių dalykų. Tai gėlės-sagės, gėlės ant lankelių plaukams, gėlės-kaklo papuošalai: Brown broosh: / Ruda sagė: Turkoise broosh: / Turkio spalvos sagė: Yellow broosh – special order: / Geltona sagė – specialus … Continue reading