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On The Other Side Of The River

The summer is long gone. Good memories pop-up while I am sorting the photographs I have taken from then. Do you remember my everyday through-the-window photograph challenge that I was running a year ago? There was a river in the middle of the view all the time and I had a closer look at it … Continue reading

Everyday Design Tips

I am so amazed how many interesting design discoveries you can make just looking around! I would like to share some of them with you today. Fist think that you see above is a hand made package for soft drinks from Mexico. Street salesmen that are selling soft drinks usually offer them not in glasses … Continue reading

New Ice Cream Place

Last few years the buildings in the Old Harbor area that is next to the Downtown Reykjavik were started to turn into coffees, restaurants, hotels, design shops and galleries.  The newest spot is a local brand ice cream shop “Valdís” that was opened in one of the old small ship hangars. Love the simplicity and … Continue reading


I have never seen so many rainbows as in Iceland.

One Step In Kid’s Education Or One More Step Out Of Mess

I finally bought a basket for the entrance area! It was not exactly the color and size I wanted but close enough. And very much on the budget. I was always irritated when my daughter was leaving all her clothes on the floor in the entrance  area after coming home. Now the directions are as … Continue reading

In The Carpentry Shop

These photos I made when I was working in a carpentry shop on my garden Santas project few weeks before Christmas. It was a sunny day and the shop was full of light. I can see so much beauty in all these industrial spaces.

Through My Window: Week 51 – The Last Week Of The Project

My friends, this is the last week of my project. I hope you do not mind if I connected the last day of the year to this week.Actually I was getting a bit lazy to the end of the project. I know after it will be over I miss this staring through the window in … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year for all of you my faraway-so-close blogging friends! Love and be loved, stay healthy and safe, be happy, patient and creative!

Through My Window: Week 51

Merry Christmas to everyone! Here are the photos through the window from the last week. Above is Monday, 2012-12-17 10.39. Tuesday, 2012-12-18 10.40: Wednesday,2012-12-19 12.46: Thursday, 2012-12-20 9.52: Friday, 2012-12-21, the day of the end of the world: Saturday, 2012-12-22 – missed. Sunday, 2012-12-23: See you next week!