Shrove Tuesday

Kad nepasirodytu

It is Shrove Tuesday today.  The dinner for today is both Icelandic and Lithuanian this year. In Iceland it is boiled salted lamb with yellow peas soup eaten on Shrove Tuesday. In Lithuania all kinds of pancakes are eaten. The old Lithuanian tradition says that pancakes and other fat food must be eaten up to 12 times on Shrove Tuesday.

I boiled yellow pea soup and salted lamb and baked crepes and potato pancakes. Everybody is eaten and happy.

In Lithuania the purpose of Shrove Tuesday is also to turn out the winter. It is a snow storm tonight in Reykjavik. Let’s do it Lithuanian way: “Žiema žiema eik iš kiemo! (Winter winter go away!)”

Potato pancakes:


Lithuanian love:


Lithuanian rye leavening bread was baked and turned out just great:



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