Team Swap


Christmas came early to me this year I guess. I mean presents. Everything started around half a year ago when Mamta Motiyani, a lovely crocheting lady from Mumbai, India, has invited me into CreateCrochet Team on Facebook. Than in the fall Mamta organized a team swap in which I took part. It happened so that I was exchanging crocheted gifts with two ladies: Mamta Motiyani from India and Kate Sidalo from Kiev, Ukraine. This is what I received from Mamta:

From Mamta 1

It is a lovely bright colored crocheted cap, a little crocheted toy (his name is Snilli now), a crocheted accessory, that is possible to wear both on the neck and head, a handmade pair of earrings, a lovely ornamented piece of Indian fabric and a handmade card.

This lovely rabbit came from Kate Sidalo in Kiev:


Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of my gifts unwrapped.


This is Mamta’s picture of my gifts:


I hope soon Kate also will post a picture of mine.

Please check our CreateCrochet Team on Facebook, also Mamta Motiyani’s page on Facebook, her blog, her shop on Etsy and her husband’s shop on Etsy. Mamta is a very creative pattern designer, her husband is selling lovely Indian fabrics and a lot more.

Also, do check Kate Sidalo’s Facebook page for her beautiful creations.

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  1. Thanks for such a beautiful article, Jurgita.

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