I Am Back And Some New Crocheting


I am finally back from summer vacations! Actually my daughter is back to kindergarten today so I will have more time for myself.

Summer was great: weather in Iceland was mostly cool (about 13 C/55 F) with few warmer sunny days that we could sunbath and go to the thermal beech or open-air swimming pool. All the time with colder weather in Iceland we spent in Lithuania where the weather was also not extremely hot (I hate hot weather!) at that time. We spent great time with my daughter after we came home from Lithuania learning Lithuanian letters to write, reading, drawing and watching cartoons with Lithuanian sound (I always come back from Lithuania with big suitcases full of Lithuanian books, CDs and DVDs!)

I did some crocheting too 🙂

4 Responses to “I Am Back And Some New Crocheting”
  1. Adorable. It’s wonderful that your daughter has the opportunity to experience the culture. I’m glad to hear that you had a wonderful summer.

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