On-Line Interior Design – Studio Appartment For Rent


I was working on this on-line interior project for few weeks and finished it today. There is a small studio apartment with a kitchen and bathroom that are already furnished. The only thing that missing is the furniture for the room that must combine sleeping area, home office and living area. The apartment will be for rent and strictly on the budget so I turned to IKEA again.Β  The mood board for the studio you can see above. Here is the photos of the corner of the room with the furniture before:


Since it supposed to be this only room for all the purposes, I decided to use the bed for sitting when it is needed as in these pictures:

Since the apartment is for rent I went for black and white combo with some bold graphics – colors can be added by the tenant. Here are some inspirations of mine with bold black and white graphics:

After one month I expect to have pictures of completed interior.

2 Responses to “On-Line Interior Design – Studio Appartment For Rent”
  1. Jurgita says:

    Labas Jurgita, netycia uzklydau i tavo blogga πŸ™‚ ir labai nustebau, kad gyveni Islandijoje, kadangi as pati jau 13 metu gyvenu sioje nuostabioje salyje ir kuri jau tapo mano namais πŸ™‚ Tiesa labai sauniai “sudizainintas” butukas! sveikinu! jei kada turesi noro ir laiko galim isgerti kavos πŸ˜‰
    Sekmes darbuose! Jurgita πŸ˜‰

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