Iceland Independence Day and Icelandic Nacional Costume


It was a holiday on Monday in IcelandIceland Independence Day and we spent almost all the day downtown Reykjavik, participating in the parade, listening to the concert, relaxing on the grass (though it was just around  +10° C (50° F), cloudy and showers sometimes), eating candy floss and jumping the inflatable castles.


Some people were walking in Icelandic national costumes. My daughter also asked me to make one for her. Together we have made the research and came to the agreement that the costume for her must look like this:

just the west and the the tassel on the cap must be like from this costume:

The fabrics were purchased:


and the works started:



I will post about the result soon!

2 Responses to “Iceland Independence Day and Icelandic Nacional Costume”
  1. Lisa says:

    That was the day we arrived in Iceland, we were beat and took a nap in our apt so we didn’t see any of the festivities, we could hear them, though! Was the start of 10 glorious days in your beautiful country!

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