Here Comes The Cake!


And here comes the cake! As I promised this is it! I did not manage to take a proper photo because all the guests we at rush to be finished with dessert and go watching a very important handball game.

This is how I made the cake. Take the recipe of the best chocolate sponge cake you have (my all-times-best-all-purpose chocolate cake is from Dana’s blog – it has never ever let me down!), bake it in the tray, cut into desired sizes, layer with macaroons soaked in coffee, sherry or any other favorite liquid (I used Pepsi since it is my hubby’s favorite drink) and chocolate ganache (100 g 70% chocolate and 1 ml heavy cream). I made it in the shape of Icelandic turf house, topped with white chocolate cream (100 g of white chocolate, 1 ml heavy cream and 2 sheets of gelatine soaked and dissolved in 3 tbsp of heavy cream; I have added few drops of green food color – for all-natural ingredients¬† you can use the juice of 1-2 tbsp of minced fresh mint leaves) and decorated with halved strawberries. I staged all the cake with some mint leaves and whole strawberries. I must admit that the cake is quite rich in taste and difficult to cut because of its height. You can go with baking the chocolate sponge in rounded spring shape, cut it horizontally in two layers and spread macaroons and ganache in between, topped with white chocolate cream and strawberries. Also try more simple egg-based chocolate sponge for less rich taste.


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