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It has been a long time since I posted last time, I know. Thinks have been busy around lately. I will get better keeping you updated I promise.

It was a bit complicated project but I like complicated. Especially complicated solved by me! A client owns a garage – one of the two near the small apartment house – and a basement under both garages and a storage room in the basement of the house. It is a big space and the client wanted to turn in into something more useful. He need the storage space, the guest room, the playroom for his kids. Maybe the office for himself. Actually he has not finally decided what he wants but he wanted to finish breaking the walls  (he was sure he will need this) before the baby will be born at his neighbors. So first of my tasks was to make a versatile entrance to the garage that it would be possible to open or close separate parts of the garage for the different users. Then to make a rough division of spaces for the different purposes.

First thing I decided that it is better to use the bigger space of the garage basement for the playroom. Just the windows are too small – I would like to have more light in the playroom. So here is the solution – to dig the ground from the basement into the slope, to create the deck and to enlarge the windows, to make the exit to the outside creating the outside recreation area for the family.

The garage itself will be transformed to the guestroom. The problem is to make the separate entrance to the basement. There are the stairs down from the garage to the basement. How to get to the basement without disturbing the guestroom inhabitant(s)?  It is possible to make the entrance to the garage from the storage room that is right on the other side of the garage wall but is in between the floors. I calculated everything by the Icelandic building low standards and ergonomics and made a project. By making the closed staircase in the garage and making double door in it I made it possible to connect or disconnect different areas by opening or locking the doors for different users.

One more problem: how to solve the storage area. It is enough space downstairs to make some wardrobes for storage by the end wall in front of the windows. It is still possible to use the part of the storage room under the house. But what about storing anything large? What about bicycles? It is too far away and too complicated to bring them both downstairs and to the storage room. So I decided to separate the area near the big garage door from the guestroom to create the area for bicycles and other large stuff. It made 17 m2 (almost 183 ft2) guestroom with small kitchen and bathroom and almost 5 m2 (almost 54 ft2) storage room.

The last but not the least thing to say is that the suggested deck is located to the Southern side and all my project was approved by the construction engineer.



I floor 3d1

I floor 3d3

4 Responses to “Garage+Garden=Guestroom+Playground”
  1. Great ideas, I’m sure you’re clients are thrilled. Sometimes complicated is fun. You’re definitely up for the challenge. I hope you post the finished product!

  2. Hey Jurgita. I am glad to ‘see’ you. I was beginning to wonder if everything was ok. Your project looks great!

    • Dear Tatu, thanks for stopping by! Thanks for your kind words! I have been so busy with “Lithuanian stuff” from the beginning of this year (family, some design projects and crocheting as well) I barely find time to blog 🙂 I will get better because blogging is what I really like.

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