A Visit


I would like to tell you about the beautiful apartment where my good friend Kristina lives. She lives in Vilnius, Lithuania and apart of being a successful business manager she is a talented interior decorator. Holding degrees in art history and business management and being a Doctor of Social Sciences, Management and Administration she have decorated her apartment I have not done it better myself. I admire here as a passionate person, great friend and the owner of inspiring career. I am fascinated by her interior decorating abilities.

Here are few pictures from Kristina’s apartment that I took while visiting her last fall:







3 Responses to “A Visit”
  1. Sometimes I stumble on something like this and think, “Huh, maybe I should try living somewhere for more than half a year.” Anyone with that many bookshelves must have life figured out.

  2. fiammisday says:

    Lovely pics and blog!!! I’m following you from Italy!!! a big kiss

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