Finally I have removed all the Christmas decorations from the house. It is two weeks too late but I guess it is fine.  Now I need to pack it (everything is stacked in the garage at the moment) and organize the storage. Also I already have some ideas to redecorate the bedroom and the living room:




My daughter’s room needs to be rearranged as well the storage organized better. I have bought some cheep transparent plastic boxes for screws that I plan to use storing and organizing my sewing and crafts stuff. It appeared to be very good to store all the small toys in my daughter’s room:



She was against that in the beginning but now she seems to be ok and even like rearranging thinks in her boxes and put them there before going to sleep. It is so much easier to find everything because you can see through the transparent lid of the box.

I removed the lid of one of these boxes and it became a very good and not expensive drawer organizer for my bathroom cabinet:


I am trying to organize my small crafts and office stuff into these boxes now. Along with that  I am working on few small projects . . .

3 Responses to “Organizing!”
  1. I love the first two pictures! respect to the organized self of yours!!

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