Skyrgámur and Some Christmas Treat

8 Skyrgámur

Skyrgámur or Skyr-Gobbler came last night! He is stealing skyr in big amounts. Skyr is Icelandic diary product similar to yogurt. Skyr cake is the most popular Icelandic cheese cake that is very easy to make. This is my version of skyr cake: whip 500 ml of heavy cream until firm, mix 500 ml of plane skyr with 3 – 4 tbsp of icing sugar (up to the taste). Fold the cream and skyr together until smooth. Take flat glass bowl or baking tray, crumb a layer of digestive or sweet oatmeal cookies to the bottom of it, add the skyr mix and chill for few hours. Serve with the big spoon from the bowl directly, with raspberry sauce. You can use Greek yogurt or cream cheese instead of  skyr. You can add some cookie crumbs on the top too. It is also possible to make the traditional way: make a base out of digestive cookies and butter into the rounded spring form, pour the skyr or cheese mix on the top (in that case add 4 to 5 sheets of gelatine, soaked in the water for 5 min than heated in 3-5 tbsp of lemon juice just until melted, than cooled a little, to the cheese mix), chill for few hours and than remove from the shape.

Inspired by Martha Stewart I was making some barks for gifts and for our family for sweet  Christmas treat. White chocolate with dry cranberries, salted pistachios  and coconut shavings:


Dark chocolate with nutmegs, chili powder, cinnamon, cloves powder, cardamom,  fresh gridded ginger and candied tangerine zest:


Dark and white chocolate with orange sugar (left from making candied tangerine zest):


Here are some candied tangerine zest left for gift or for more Christmas baking:





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