Stekkjastaur Came Last Night!

1 Srekkjastaur

Hey hey hey, Stekkjastaur came today!

It is very good to be a kid in Iceland also because of that there are thirteen Yule Lads here, not one Santa, as in the other countries.  Icelandic Yule Lads are brothers trolls that live in the mountains with their troll mother Grýla and troll father Leppalúði (Leppaludi) and  Christmas Cat. Yule Lads start to come one by one the night from 11th to 12th of December. Trolls bring a small gift to the shoe that every kid puts on his windowsill. The last Yule Lad comes on the 24th of December. 6 o’clock in the evening the 24th of December Christmas comes to Iceland. Everybody is greeting everyone and sit to eat Christmas dinner. After that everybody is opening their Christmas gifts that were under the Christmas tree.


According to the book that we brought from the library today, there were more Yule Lads in the old days in Iceland, both men and women. At least 24 more. Icelandic Yule Lads are not good persons t all. They rather are some criminals of ancient farmers society. Look at their names – they all have their fields of misbehavior. Stekkjastaur that came today is harassing sheep and has stiff peg-legs. If kid was not good during the year they might bring potato into the shoe (that not all kids consider as a very bad thing though:)). Yule Lads start to leave on the first day of Christmas in the same order they came. No good-bye gifts . . .

I have already started some Christmas baking. Me and my daughter we were baking smákökur – Icelandic small cookies that mostly are baked for Christmas:





My daughter is having Christmas party in the kindergarten tomorrow and must bring some cookies. Kindergarten asked those cookies to be without nuts so we did. Usually I make some small cookies with almond flakes and coconuts too. I also made a batch of Lithuanian small cookies with poppy seeds that Elin could bring some to her kindergarten:


Tomorrow we are going to see some Christmas movie and baking ginger cookies!

4 Responses to “Stekkjastaur Came Last Night!”
  1. What an interesting story! This is one thing I love about this whole blogging experience. You get to meet interesting people from all around the world with all sorts of new traditions. Thank you for your story! (love the cookies by the way)

  2. Wish you were my neighbor, we could bake together! You photos remind me of my childhood.

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