Another Puppet Theater: “Jūratė and Kastytis”

There is an ancient Lithuanian legend about how the amber appeared: once upon a time there was a young fisher Kastytis that lived near the Baltic sea. Once he was fishing in the sea and met the see goddess Jūratė and they felt in love with each other. Jūratė invited Kastytis to her Amber castle deep in the sea. The god Perkūnas was not happy about that and broke the Amber castle with his thunders and lightnings. Kastytis was drowned in the see. You can still hear the cry of Jūratė in the wind by the sea. The waves of the Baltic sea are bringing to the shore the small pieces of amber – the remains of Jūratė’s castle. Lithuanian poet Maironis has written the beautiful poem about it. You can reed it it English here (scroll down almost to the end). We had the celebration dedicated to Maironis in Lithuanian Sunday school few weeks ago. I made and showed the paper puppet show based on the poem “Jūratė and Kastytis” there. Now the oldest pupils of our school that are all 10-11 years old are going to show this play on the gathering of all immigrant schools in Reykjavik next Sunday.

2 Responses to “Another Puppet Theater: “Jūratė and Kastytis””
  1. You made this! Wonderful, reminds me of the work of the children’s author Eric Carle.

    • Thanks! It supposed be not too artsy and easy to understand for kids from 2 to 11 year. Thanks for Eric Carle – I do have seen his books in Icelandic but it was so pleasant to visit his web page after “googling” him 🙂

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