About Two Stubborn Goats

There is a story about two stubborn goats that met on the narrow bridge and were not willing to let the other first. They were arguing with each other so hard that they felt into the river. I found a short poem of Lithuanian writer and made a puppet show for Lithuanian Sunday school. There were also frogs in the river that were laughing at the goats.

The goats were made out of socks. The hand that is managing the puppet makes the horn out of two fingers. All you need is a pair of socks, needle and thread of the corresponding color, two red buttons for the noses, four dark color buttons or four eyes from the craft store, scissors, a handful of synthetic stuffing for toys, some light spurned woolen yarn for hair and beard. That is how to make a goat puppet:

Take a sock and sew the red nose button in the end. Cut the holes for the finger horns:

Cut the opened end of the sock by 1 – 1,5 cm (1/2 inch) then cut it into four pieces by lenght:

Take two pieces and sew together every end of each so to make the ear of the goat:

Sew the ears to the body next to the holes for horns:

Sew the eyes to the body. Then sew some woolen yearn in between the holes for horns and under the nose, on the “chin” then make the yarn totally unspun as fur. Put some stuffing inside the nose part of the head. Put your hand inside and insert two of your fingers into the holes for horns. Here is one goat ready:

Repeat everything to make the second goat.

These were the cute frogs too:

I had these eyes bought on sale. You can use buttons for eyes as well or just draw it with marker. It could be embroidered too.

The bridge over the river was made out of the cardboard box and colored by my daughter.

Welcome to the puppet show!

2 Responses to “About Two Stubborn Goats”
  1. bocozoo says:

    The best goats I have ever seen, I think >_<

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