Vilnius Project: Here Come Pictures!

I still can not stop screaming that it is complete! My first interior project in four years! It is funny that it’s in Lithuania (my first Icelandic project is till running, you can read about it here)! I was so happy to work and to find out that I am still good at it both managing the budget, the layout, the requirements of the client and the “artistic” side too. What to say more? It was a very small (39m² =4195164ft²) apartment for rent, interior on the budget. I turned it to the Swedish style and furnished with IKEA most. The kitchen and walk-in closet were local custom made and with all the service they provided and quality it was not expensive at all.

You will find just things necessary at the entrance area:

The kitchen was custom made local because it was decided to leave a possibility to put a small (45 cm=172332in in width) dishwasher next to the sink sometimes in the future. IKEA does not have 45 cm cabinet facades though the division of the kitchen into 45 cm width units worked quite well:

Dining area was in between the entrance area, kitchen and living room. The dining table could have been moved to the wall by its long side also rearranged to another home work/office table.

Living room is small yet cozy. There is a place for books, TV and audio equipment on the shelves in front of the sofa along the wall:

Small bedroom with a quin size bed and a small home office table aka bedside table/vanity:

The walk-in closet next to the bedroom is the only storage space in the apartment. It is big comparing to the size of the apartment. I did not make any sliding doors there – it does not fit into the budget first, second, this patterned curtain made bedroom more cozy:

Some unexpected effect:

By the way the ceiling height in the apartment is 2,90 m (=9ft 6316in) – it is not very traditional in Lithuania! The standard is 2,60 m (=8ft 638in).

Finally the bathroom. It is obviously too big to this apartment. I took the advantage to fit all the possible there: the corner bathtub with a shower (there is a glass panel for it as you see), the sink with a cabinet under, one more tall cabinet with the mirror on the facade, of course the toilet and a washing machine. Also there are all the connection prepared for the dryer in the future. All in neutral white-grey scheme: colors to be added manually:

All the apartment is made in soft yellowish hues with some graphic everywhere:

If somebody would be interested in the list of IKEA articles used – I can provide it later.

2 Responses to “Vilnius Project: Here Come Pictures!”
  1. I love what you ve done to the place. Minimal, yet cozy!

    • Thanks! I would like to live there myself. There are many people that have quite similar taste to mine. If they don´t – there is plenty of space to add stuff and almost nothing to remove.

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