Morning Walk: Stones, Grass and Fence

It is a lovely fall morning: bright with a touch of frost. I had a walk with my daughter to her kindergarten. On the way back I took few pictures: dry grass in the wind and lava stones. I loved to share few pictures from around new school in our neighborhood. This is a fence made out of grass!

First let me explain that in Iceland nobody is growing grass out of seeds. There are “ready-grown” grass rolls like this that are delivered to the place where the area of grass is considered:


There are landscaping companies that are bringing the grass and putting it into the place:


You still can see the joints between the bands of grass there on the hill:

Being honest I have not seen before the type of fence I have shown above! It looks so natural and children friendly – it is soft! It is also a very traditional for Iceland – you can see it here .

2 Responses to “Morning Walk: Stones, Grass and Fence”
  1. allesistgut says:

    Wonderful pictures of the lava. And I never knew that nobody is growing grass out of seeds. Maybe the summer is too short in Iceland.

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