Vilnius Project: The Beginning

This is what I have got: 39m² (=4195164ft²) apartment in a new house built in between of two “sleeping areas” of Vilnius, built in ’80. Here is the apartment. Here is the view from the balcony:

Eastern side and lots of trees – not bad.

Though my imagination went wild just after hearing about this project the apartment supposed to be for rent. There are different rules applied when you are designing for the certain client: you investigate the taste, the life style and expectations of  real people and than make decisions and get them approved or not. When the apartment is designed for rent you must take into consideration the taste of as wide range of customers as it possible as well as to stay focused on function, aesthetic and today’s trend. There also must be a space left for tenants to reveal their personalities so the apartment must be unfinished with details in some way but with the clear suggestion what is acceptable in that kind of the interior. The owners of the apartment had in mind a single man or woman or the couple without children as their tenants. The size of the apartment suggested the same I guess. The interior also should have been on a quite tight budget. The artistic and functional decisions were left for my own. Here is how I decided to divide this apartment into the functional zones:

I decided to use my love for Swedish interiors and IKEA products as a base for choosing the style for this apartment. Those that are following me on Pinterest have noticed that I had created the pin board for this project. Here are some inspirations that I have collected there:

| |

| |

| Alvhem Mäkleri och Interiör |

| |

More of my inspirations you can find here and here.

See you soon with pictures from the finished apartment!


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