Autumn Is Here

Summer is gone suddenly. I am back home after I have spent almost two months in Lithuania this summer working on the new project. Usually I always fall into light depression after I come back from Lithuania but not this time: there is no time for that. There are  more activities starting  in Lithuanian Community in Iceland after the summer vacations. The lessons in Lithuanian Sunday school also will start soon and we still short of teachers. Two days ago I have arranged the exhibition of Lithuanian children book artist Kęstutis Kasparavičius in Gerðuberg library. The artist is coming to Iceland and is going to draw with kids on Sunday at the New School Year Celebration in the same library. Kęstutis is incredible book artist – do check his web page!

Yesterday we had the board meeting of Lithuanian Community in Iceland together with Lithuanian Sunday school teachers discussing the further events and activities, sharing the works to do and the summer vacation experiences to tell.

Since our daughter is starting in the new kindergarten that is closer to home after one month we had a visit of two department managers from there this morning. That was so nice of them to come and introduce themselves as well as to get to know the kid and his parents in advance. We are already introduced to the adjustment program that will take one week. We were glad to hear that there will be twelve kids from my daughter’s kindergarten that will start together in this brand new building that is next to their future school and will be sharing facilities of it such as kitchen and sports hall. We are proud to live in the neighborhood that has the most advanced kindergarten and school in Iceland that pays very serious attention to individual needs, care and  education of every kid there. It is a new practice in Iceland to have that tight collaboration of parents, kindergarten and school as the united neighborhood community.

Here is even more sweet note to part: the cake that I was serving for my Lithuanian friends yesterday. The recipe is from Sweet Paul blog that I am a big fan of (do check the new issue of Sweet Paul Magazine!) The recipe is here. Since I did not have a big variety of nuts I added some sugared pineapples and papayas. When I was backing it before I used maple syrup instead of honey.

Did I forget to tell you that fall is my favorite season? This season is so colorful in Lithuania! This season is so full of sweet sadness of contemplating the time passing by. There is so much poetry in it! Let’s celebrate the fall!


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