The Children Of Summer

Both Tjorvi and my daughter Elin are born in summer. I made cakes and decorated the house a little. We had gatherings of Tjorvi’s family for both occasions. Both times everything was so in hurry: first time it was just before me and Elin left to Lithuania, second – just after we came back for the first time.

For Tjorvi’s birthday I decorated the fireplace with some colorful garlands, Elin’s drawings and cards that she have drawn for pabbi. Also I made two cakes. The one that you see above is the tastiest ever chocolate cheese cake. The recipe you can find here. I baked one more cake that is the best ever chocolate cake and is from the great Dana’s blog MADE (I skipped the topping). I always use this recipe as a base when I need a chocolate cake and decorate it in various ways (Elin helps me with that). You must try it with marshmallows as it is in Dana’s recipe – believe me it is sooo tasty. Also you MUST try Dana’s carrot cake and her banana bread!

There were two cakes on Elin’s birthday. First I made on her birthday day (the same Dana’s recipe, half of the portion, decorated by Elin):

The second was on the family gathering. The shape was chosen long time ago since I first used that shape for Tjorvis carpenter Master’s graduation party. My daughter just wanted Smurfette. I did my best using the same shape and the same recipe of Dana’s chocolate cake:

Elin of course helped me to decorate it:

One useful tip that I have learned is that the  cake needs to be removed from the tin like this while it is hot. Otherwise it will stick to the shape and it is impossible to remove it at all.

Happy Birthday for all of you that are born in summer!


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