Through My Window: Week 23

Here are my photos from the last week. The weather has been good so far.

Above is Monday, 2012-06-04 1.00. You can see the fog coming from the river and marches on the other side of it.

I could not help to put two more photos of Monday. You can see kids bathing in the ice-cold river (it was +17ºC (~ 63º F), water much much colder) – this is Iceland!

I love these heavy clouds above the mountains!

Tuesday, 2012-06-05 22.14. The sun is very low – you can see how long the shadows from the one floor house are. It barely becomes dark at night – the season of white polar nights is here:

Wednesday, 2012-06-06 21.45. Love the color of the sky:

Thursday, 2012-06-07 18.47:

Friday, 2012-06-08 19.54:

Saturday, 2012-06-09 19.35:

Sunday, 2012-06-10 23.31:

See you next week!

2 Responses to “Through My Window: Week 23”
  1. very nice view,,,, its a very special window

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