Chrocheting Orders

I was busy working on few crocheting orders. Do you remember the canvas bag above ? I have sold it at the crafts market of Fest Of Nations. A girlfriend of happy customer also wanted the same one  so the twin brother of sold one is ready too.

I had some ides for small bags with crocheted flowers for kids. My daughter is always very curious about that I am doing. She asked me to show it. After I finished explaining my ideas and combinations of yarn and fabrics she said that she would like to have one too. Then she found the one crocheted flower in the the pile of finished ones – the yellow one –  and said to me that she would preferred to get a pink bag with that yellow crocheted flower. I tried to tell her that yellow does nor go very well with pink but it was not a question to discus. The day later one more order was finished:

Last week I have visited one my girlfriend that wanted a pink hair band with crocheted flower – a gift for a small girl. I brought some samples and we agreed on color and appearance. This turned into that:

Then her daughter came and started to look through the other samples – hair pins, hair clips.  She was interested in some hair pins but admitted that likes all the natural pale colors and shoved me her most favorite copper ring with a small crocheted flower. I told her that I can crochet beige color flowers for pins for her and left. At home I realized that I have not much beige color yarn left. This is what I manage to make out of it:

But I knew that the girl wanted double flowers so I have bought more beige color yarn (a bit different shade and structure) and made her a set of pins with double crocheted flowers:

Then the day before yesterday the mother called asking if the order is ready because the daughter is leaving for the weekend and needs her hair pins and ring in the same style. The ring? We did not agree on that. Ok I can make a ring in few hours. They came in the evening and the girl could not decide which set of pins she liked better. She took both and the ring. Mother took the hair band she ordered for the gift.

At the last minute appeared that the daughter is allergic to nickel but all the metal fixtures I use for my crocheted rings and earrings are nickel-free.

And last but not the least. Here are two more of canvas bags from my new collection:

7 Responses to “Chrocheting Orders”
  1. Beibei Wu says:

    Love the detailing and pure craftsmanship! Great photos 🙂

  2. julia christine stephen says:

    Hi, I really like the crochet ring, is it for sale? 🙂 Thanks

  3. These are all LOVELY!

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