Proud To Be Lithuanian

Every year in the middle of May there is Fest Of Nations held in Reykjavik. All the communities of immigrants as well as the other organizations uniting people from the other countries living in Iceland participate in the parade, crafts market and concerts on that day. Our Lithuanian Community in Iceland participated in there too. Not as much as we expected but it was fun anyway. We marched down the parade with the Lithuanian flag together with the other communities, also participated in crafts marked with lots of books, booklets, posters and postcards  providing information about Lithuania, letting people taste and buy Lithuanian traditional food. I also had the opportunity to show my crocheting inspired by Lithuanian ethnic crafts. Our small but proud Lithuanian choir “Gija” and group of kids from Lithuanian Sunday school were singing in the concert. Here are some more pictures from that day:

2 Responses to “Proud To Be Lithuanian”
  1. I had no idea there’s a Lithuanian community in Iceland. Did Lithuanians originally come to Iceland to escape from the Soviet Union?

    • Lithuanians came to Iceland in search for better payed jobs. There was another category of immigrants – sportsmen that came to maintain their career. For example it was easier for handball players-ladies to get to German teams after they have played in Iceland for a while. Thanks for stopping by Steve!

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