Through My Window: Week 19

My daughter have got chickenpox last weekend so I am late with all my works and planes. She is getting better and I try to steel some time for my works.

Here are the pictures through my window from the last week.

Above – Monday, 2012-05-07 15.00

Tuesday, 2012-05-08 20.41 – the day is so much long now. I love the colors of the last hours between the sunset:

I just realized that I missed Wednesday last week.

Thursday, 2012-05-10 13.09:

Friday, 2012-05-11 19.55:

Saturday, 2012-05-12 19.37:

Sunday, 2012-05-13 10.05. Days became more sunny so it is difficult to take pictures before the noon when the sun is in front of the camera. Nonetheless I like the drama that this contrast between direct sun and clouds make:

One more Sunday picture at 23.08, just to show, how much longer the daylight is:

See you next week!

5 Responses to “Through My Window: Week 19”
  1. meenopolis says:

    I also take a lot of pictures from my window, i tried to do it everyday but then i forgot, so, good job !

    • Yes I must admit that it is difficult from the beginning but later it becomes your habit and you start to look through your window more often trying to notice the more interesting light, colors or view. I am doing this for the second time (I did it for one year than skipped one year and now I am doing this again( but still missing days 🙂

      • meenopolis says:

        I definitely notice how light changes and how different it makes the scenery look like but after I took a lot of pictures for about 2 weeks, i realised I would probably be the only one interested in this, i realise i was wrong!
        The view from your window is great but i don’t understand where it’s taken from, i thought it was a road at first. where do you live?

      • I live in a house in a remote neighborhood. The towns ends here. The window of the living room faces the small river and the mountains. The thing that you always see in the lowest part of the photo is the top of the concrete wall that goes around our deck.

      • meenopolis says:

        Oh ok ! Well it’s a very nive view !

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