The Deck

This is how it looks today: the deck in the back of our house. I am not very happy about the location and design of the deck: in Iceland you need to be very careful designing houses and surroundings because the sun is very low all around the year and makes long shadows – you need to make all the efforts caching the most of the daylight. Also you see the stairs? Not the most children friendly layout. The wall in front of the windows of living room hiding the most beautiful mountain view ever: builder’s mistake or careless  architect? Now I need to deal with what I have got and going to make the best possible to get the cozy family friendly deck.

Here is more of “before”:

Those who are following me on Pinterest, know that sometime ago I have created a board “Inspirations for my deck/garden”. Here are some ideas from there that I would like to fit in our deck. I want to have a big tree (it is going to be mountain ash!) and decks in different levels with flower pots:

(House To Home)

(House To Home)

(Mary Clair Maison)

I would like to have some cozy siting and storage there:

(House To Home)

cozy lights:

(House To Home)

and dining:

(Better Homes And Gardens)

some stones:



and a small pond:

(House To Home)

(Better Homes And Gardens)

Have I mentioned  flower pots?


(Martha Stewart)

(House To Home)

I am working on the final layout of the deck and soon will show it to you. Hope tho have “after” to the end of the summer.

2 Responses to “The Deck”
  1. You have inspired me! I want the pergola on my deck I think I can convince my husband to build it!

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