Every little nation has their ONE big artist. Icelanders have Kjarval. Once it happen to be both painter and composer he becomes a legend.  Lithuanians have M.K.Č – Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis. He was born 1875 and died young at the age 36. His original music pieces were created under influence of Chopin and other Romantics of the beginning of 19th century as well as Lithuanian folk music. He was the first Lithuanian composer with the education and training in that field. Čiurlionis was also the first to start collecting and arranging Lithuanian folk music.   His paintings were different. The strange images from his imagination transferred to the paper (mostly) or canvas looked so different from the other painters in Europe at that time. His sources of inspiration remain basically enigmatic and misunderstood. I can spent hours looking at his paintings and every time discover something new: a shade, a detail or a subject.

“Rex”, 1909

“The Knight Prelude”, 1909

“Offering”, 1909

“The Altar”, 1909

“Fairy Tale (I)”, 1907

“Allegro (The Sea)”, 1908

“The City”, 1908

I can go on forever. More of M.K.Čiurlionis works here.

2 Responses to “M.K.Č”
  1. I didn’t know about this artist, but very special and intriguing work. Like both his paintings and the old portrait…

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