Through My Window: Week 16

It was the incredibly good weather last week here in Reykjavik. There are only two seasons in Iceland according to the old customs – summer and winter. The First Day of Summer is a holiday and it was last Thursday. It is summer now officially in Iceland! The First day of Summer is a great festival for kids – they all get Summer gifts from their parents. Also there was Children Art Festival all over Reykjavik last week so we and our daughter had lots of fun there.

Above – Monday, 2012-04-16 12.55. It was very sunny, but just +5 °C (41°F).

Tuesday, 2012-04-17 20.20. Days get so much longer!

Wednesday, 2012-04-18 20.45:

Thursday, 2012-04-19, The First Day of Summer! Sunny but still around +5 °C (41°F). Three photos to show the length of the daylight:  20.28, 21.33 and 22.01

Friday,2012-04-20 13.57:

Saturday, 2012-04-21 16.26:

Sunday, 2012-04-22 17.56:

Gleðilegt sumar! Happy summer! – that is how everybody great each other on The First Day of Summer in Iceland. Have a good week!


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