On My Worktable: Four Bedroom Apartment in Reykjavik III

Today I will show the drawings for the sitting room in the apartment that I am working on now. The sitting room is in the center of the apartment and is a good space for kids to play while mother is busy in the kitchen, for a quick chat with a neighbor, a spot where the busy family meets. The entrance area is very small so I put a side table for the stuff like keys and wallets into the sitting room that is on the way in and out anywhere in the apartment. Also this IKEA table that I plan to put there is an office table in fact and it will serve as a tiny laptop workplace as well.

Some photos “before”:

Here is a moodboard for this space. All the furniture from IKEA as before:

I wanted to cover the wall with a built-in wardrobe with a wallpaper of fabric with a graphic pattern. The doors of the wardrobe will be changed to make them in one line with the wall all the way and covered into the same wallpaper too.

Some 3D views from my computer for that space:

That is all for today. I am going to post more from this apartment next week.


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