On My Worktable: Four Bedroom Apartment in Reykjavik II

Do you still remember the post about my interior design project some time ago? I am still working on it. Today I will show you the projects of the children bedrooms. There are three kids in this family: a girl – she is the oldest and two younger boys. The youngest boy is a baby and still sleeps in parent’s bedroom. Older brother was sharing a bedroom with his sister. The firs and the best to my opinion was to design and renovate both boys’ bedrooms along with a small bathroom and the entrance area because it is a bit separate from the rest of the apartment so the workers would not disturb the family much. Later it was decided to redo all three children bedroom at the same time so at the moment all the family sleeps in master bedroom as in the camp.

The girl is seven and started school last autumn. She was born in Japan and lived there until she was three years old so I wanted something Japanese in here room. Since the room is not a very big one, the only window faces East and it is barely sun there I decided to put a wallpaper with a view of sunny Japanese garden on one wall. As I mentioned before family wanted almost all the furniture from IKEA so I have done that. The tall white wardrobes in all children rooms were given new to the clients and are not from IKEA. Here you can see the mood board that I made for that room:

Here are few 3D views of that room from the project:

The green wall is the one that supposed to be with the wallpaper.

I made two mood boards for the middle boy’s room because I wanted one wall and curtains to be blue and the mother of the boy does not like blue:

The blue wall and curtains won and are under the execution now. Here are few 3D views from my computer:

The youngest son is one year now. He still sleeps in a crib:

Soon he will be older and need the same type of bed as his brother:

Until then there will be an old reupholstered sofa placed there:

Later he will get a desk and a chair too.

Here is all about kids rooms. The master bedroom, sitting room, living room and laundry room are ready – I will tell you later about that. I am working on the kitchen right now. After the main apartment project will be ready I will continue on remaking the garage with a basement into studio apartment/playroom for kids.

By the way if somebody needs a small advices with 3D guiding drawings – please send me an e-mail at icebeautiful[at]yahoo.com – I will do it for free if you agree it to be published on my blog.


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