Through My Window: Week 14

Hi, how are you doing after all these holidays? There were holidays since Wednesday last week in Iceland, kids at school had vacations all the last week until yesterday. My daughter was staying at home half of the last week, I was busy with all the preparation for Easter. Here are my photos through the window from the last week. Almost every day I remembered to make a photo quite late in the afternoon. I missed two days.

The photo above is Monday, 2012-04-02 14.09. Sunny and bright yet cold start of the week.

Tuesday, 2012-04-03 14.30:

I missed Wednesday and Thursday.

Here is Friday, 2012-04-06 17.46. Fogy:

Saturday, 2012-04-07 10.28. Fogy again:

Sunday, 2012-04-08, the Easter Day. Choose yourself from two pictures: 13.27 – cloudy and moody:

or 16.50 – with some hope (and help?) from the sky:

Have a good and creative rest of the week! See you around next week!


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