Through My Window: Week 13

Here are the photos through my window from the last week.

Above is Monday, 2012-03-26 19.50. I almost forgot to take the picture than day. I did it at the last glimpse of the sun before the sunset that cloudy and fogy day. You can see the redness of the sunset in the sky.

Tuesday, 2012-03-27 16.03. Cloudy, fogy, showers:

Wednesday, 2012-03-28 11.52 – river is going back to normal. It was snowing in mountains, few snowflakes were blown to our neighborhood:

Thursday, 2012-03-29 14.32 – very fogy:

Friday, 2012-03-30 19.51. I like the view outside my window just before the sunset, when the sun is very low and the colors emphasized by the deep shadows become so bright even in that cloudy evening:

Saturday, 2012-03-31 13.39:

I forgot to make a photo on Sunday.  It has been a very busy day: I was making Sunday wafers for breakfast, backing a carrot cake, then we were going to Lithuanian  Sunday school with my daughter. We had the afternoon gathering with other Lithuanians after school: decorating eggs with wax for Easter in the traditional Lithuanian way. Me and my daughter came home late tired and hungry. The first thing was to give her to eat, bath and put to sleep. The next . . . it was after the sunset 🙂

See you here next week!


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