Smoothy & Co

Finally I find out how to use frozen fruits! Smooothy! I know many of you do make smoothies often but for me it was a discovery. Many years I did not know what to do with frozen fruits that my mother was preserving and giving to me. My mother-in-low gave me some frozen  gooseberries and black currant recently, my husband came home with few packages of frozen strawberries “because it was on sale”. Now every day after I bring my daughter to kindergarten, I come home, put a handful of frozen berries, leftovers of banana and apple from my daughter’s breakfast and 1/2 – 2/3 cup of apple or orange juice into the blender and after 1-2 minutes enjoy a cold refreshing and beautiful glass of smoothy! Sometimes it is my afternoon desert too.

Speaking of healthy snacks I like making my own recipes of salads. Here are few for winter and early spring time (it is still an early spring in Iceland!).

Combine sliced pickles, tomato, paprika, canned red kidney beans and roughly chopped parsley in a bowl and dress with olive oil. Add some chopped red cabbage if desired:

Combine rough chopped green apple, dry apricots, chestnuts (pecans), add chopped celery stalks, a little of chopped ginger, tangerine if desired. Dress with olive oil or less healthy sour cream, whipped cream and maple syrup mix:

If you have a small kitchen garden in pots as I do, you can make salad out of store-bought fresh spinach, cress salad from your garden, pinch of pumpkin and sunflower seeds without shells, dressed with olive oil-lemon juice-honey dressing:

Eating salad, drinking smoothies and dreaming about fresh strawberries:


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