Birthday Gifts

Here I want to tell you about my Birthday gifts. Have I ever told you that I can not get enough of good books? It is true even it is so yesterday though (in this century of everything e- and on-line !). Books are the best gifts for me.

The biggest gift (literally!) was the album  of the most famous Icelandic artist Johannes Kjarval (more about him here, here and here). Kjarval lived 87 years, his artistic career was over 60 years. He was well educated and very productive. He traveled a lot and experienced all the possible artistic influences of his time. He tried almost all the styles and techniques. He was constantly working: painting, drawing or just making sketches on any possible surface. He left a great number of artworks so almost every Icelander has at least a small piece  by Kjarval 🙂 There are many works of Kjarval in private collections. Before his death in 1972 the painter Johannes Kjarval donated a large collection of his work to the city of Reykjavik. 1973 there was a gallery Kjarvalsstadir opened in Reykjavik, the main idea of that was to devote one exhibition hall to the works of Kjarval. The collection of city of Reykjavik consists of 3.348 art works. One painting by Johannes Kjarval was bought by Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA) in New York.

The other gift was a set of jewelry out of river pearls made by my sister-in-low. It was instantly liked and taken in use by my 3,5 year old daughter.

The first gift to arrive was a book from my girlfriend from Lithuania. She is a director of a publishing house and have send me a book. It was Pulitzer Prize winner “A Visit From the Goon Squad ” by Jennifer Egan. I have already finished to read it an I liked it. If there is anybody that have not read it yet – highly recommended.

3 Responses to “Birthday Gifts”
  1. Sounds like you had a happy day!

  2. Yasmin Cruz says:

    Great gifts! Congrats ♥ xoxo Yas

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