Through My Window: Weeks 10-11

I do not forget. The project is still on. Here is the week 10. Above is Monday, 2012-03-05 12.04

Tuesday, 2012-03-06 13.34 – started to snow:

Wednesday, 2012-03-07 11.36 – it is all white again:

Thursday, 2012-03-08, two photos – 15.19 and 16.45 – even more white, still snowing in mountains; skying season again:

Friday, 2012-03-09 18.20, my Birthday:

Saturday, 2012-03-10 17.29; the concert night (the one of Lithuanian singer that I helped to organize here in Reykjavik):

I forgot to take a picture on Sunday.

Week 11. The weather was changing and crazy most of the week.

Monday, 2012-03-12 9.13 – morning drama sky:

Tuesday, 2012-03-13 19.35 – almost forgot to take the picture:

Wednesday, 2012-03-14 8.45 – snow’s gone ?:

Thursday, 2012-03-15 11.18 – bright sunny spring day:

Friday, 2012-03-16 three pictures – 10.20, 14.47 and 17.43. The view through the window was beautiful, changing almost every hour. Snowing. There were many more pictures made. Those three left:

Saturday, 2012-03-17 9.36. I am very proud of this photo:

Sunday, 2012-03-18 8.38. Nostalgic smoky sun reminds me the music of my adolescent years:

Two more weeks gone. Over forty left. See you here next week.


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