38, Flu and Living Room Updates

I have turned 38 last Friday. We planned to go out for dinner that night but my daughter have got a flu and celebration was canceled. It was the most difficult illness she had since she was born – she stayed with fever for few days and still is!. I was so worried! I am spending all the time with my daughter trying to comfort her.

Recently I updated our living room decor with some details. In boxes with old Tjorvi’s stuff I found some beautiful vintage handmade things that I wanted to display. I collected a tray (one of those two) of cute figures for the kitchen table:

We have got a grilling stainless steel tray for Christmas. I tried to use it for all those beautiful wooden things I wanted to display on our coffee table (it is so comfortable to have all stuff on the tray when cleaning!):

Also I rearranged the tray with candles on our dining table:

I have created one more thing: I started a new blog Ice beautiful Homes. I meant it to be more like my professional diary, more concentrated collection of my home decor inspirations and works. Do you think it is a good idea?

3 Responses to “38, Flu and Living Room Updates”
  1. I do think it’s a great idea. It is so interesting to see design and style as it is influenced by different cultures and countries!

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