New Issue of Hús og Híbýli

This is the last month issue of Icelandic design and interior magazine Hús og Híbýli. This post supposed to be written a week or so ago. Anyway I left the “New” in the title – it is still valid until the next issue arrives. The title of the magazine could be translated “house and the home spirit (feeling)”. At the moment this is the only magazine of that kind in Iceland. Before crisis when the building busies was growing fast there were few more monthly magazines on that subject.

I am not sure whether I liked this magazine two years ago, but now it become so much better and could proudly stand in the range together with the others Scandinavian design and interior magazines.

Here are some stories that I liked in this issue.

Few more photos from the interior on the cover. The house was build 1968 and has beautifully preserved, styled and maintained interior:


A wonderful DIY how to make a doll house out of IKEA cupboard:

A beautifully combined and arranged furniture in the dining area of the old house:

I am totally in love with this kitchen in the house 1954 (interior renewed in 2007) – grey tiles, dark textured wood and lots of stainless steel details:

Love all the interior of the house in grey and beige hues! The candles in the fireplace are so cozy:

Few more beautifully styled details from the other house:


I hope you enjoyed browsing through this magazine with me.


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