Through My Window: Week 8

The transition between winter and spring is always dirty and messy yet has its beauty.  In Iceland from the old days were just two seasons recognized: winter and summer. The first day of summer is still a big festival here. I will tell you more when it comes.

Here are my photos through the window from the last week. Above is Monday, 2012-02-20 9.30

Tuesday, 2012-02-21 17.09 (watercolor sky):

Wednesday, 2012-02-22, two photos: 9.12 and 12.06 (dramatic sunrise and cloudy day with snowing in mountains):

Thursday, 2012-02-23 17.03:

Friday, 2012-02-24 10.26:

Saturday, 2012-02-25 14.35 (love that darker blue sky over the white mountains!):

Sunday, 2012-02-26 10.45 (platinum sunrise):

Here is a brand new week – enjoy it!

2 Responses to “Through My Window: Week 8”
  1. Many years ago I had the pleasure of hearing author Kurt Vonnegut speak at a local college. He shared that living in the northeastern US he learned there are 6 seasons. Spring, Summer ,Autumn, the locking, Winter and the unlocking. The unlocking was the month of March and was mud. Mud on your shoes , mud in the house, the dirtiest season of all! I couldn’t agree more. March has come early for us! Yesterday while gardening I slipped numerous times on the mud!

    • I know what he meant! Have lived in Lithuania i couldn’t agree more on that division! Here in Iceland it rains less (but very heavy when it does!) and water disappears into the gravel. Kurt Vonnegut . . . I have read some few books of his when I was very young and quit reading him: in that early age I could not bear he is too realistic about the future I guess. I must find him again 🙂

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