I like coffee. It brightens my day, it is a reason to make a pleasant break to prepare a cup of delicious aromatic coffee. Me and my sister-in-law were discussing taste for coffee the other day. I was complaining that I am always in the search for perfect taste – constantly trying coffee of different types, brands and labels but still can not find the one I really like. One time I almost find the one I liked but after few months of drinking coffee of the same brand, one day I realized that I do not like it anymore. Does it mean the coffee changed? Or have I changed? My sister-in-law did not understand what I am talking about. It is just coffee for her. When she needs coffee for her coffee maker she just goes and buys coffee beans – the question is over. How about you? Do you like coffee? Do you have your favorite brand? What defines a good coffee for you? How have you found your favorite coffee?

And here are my new coffee cups. Bold graphics are the trend now!

2 Responses to “Coffee”
  1. trialsinfood says:

    i usually like very strong coffee, so I buy the dark roast. love the coffee cups!

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