On My Worktable: Four Bedroom Apartment in Reykjavik I

I am working on this four bedrooms apartment in 108 Reykjavik since summer. There is a family with three small kids. The new apartment was chosen because of the location (the same area, where they used to live, in walking distance from school, not faraway from closest relatives). It was a possibility to renovate this apartment before family moved in there but I guess they were too confused about all the changes in their life to do that. The redesigning and redecoration of the interior is in progress now – with the family living there.

Here is where I have started: the apartment is located in a three-floor(with a basement) four apartment house built in late 50′. Previous owners of the apartment have renovated one bathroom, installed new cheep wardrobes in master bedroom and changed the old wooden floor into concrete ones of very low quality of execution. They have also installed a new kitchen. There is also a garage with a basement and one storage room  that belong to the apartment. The new owners would like to turn this garage into a small studio apartment for guests and a playroom for kids.

The first task was to redesign a small guest restroom into the bathroom with the shower. The family was still dealing quite well with one bathroom but kids are growing bigger and soon they will need one more. This is what I have got:


Family wanted a shower in this tiny space! It took some time of measuring, making some full size models out of boxes and other stuff. I was walking around my bathroom and taking measurements of passage space needed and so on – I needed not just to fit everything in that small space – I needed it working. I have designed small bathrooms before and have done it successfully but this is the smallest ever.  I was designing the layout and making the mood board at the same time: I was going to different showrooms, measuring the fittings (I needed the shortest possible toilet, very small rounded sink, etc.), choosing the style. I already had a strong idea about the color scheme: it should be light gray wall tiles and dark grey floor, white sink and toilet – airy and simple, with a possibility to cheer it up with accessories like towels and mats. The one more thing that came from my ergonomic studies, measuring and searching for fittings  and defined a lot, was that the shower tray need to be made custom. This is how the new bathroom looks in the project:

That is all at this time. I will tel you more later and definitely will keep you posted on further progress.

6 Responses to “On My Worktable: Four Bedroom Apartment in Reykjavik I”
  1. Great ideas for all thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, I had no idea you were doing such complicated things! It looks great.

  3. Your 3d renderings are great, especially the bathroom one. You feel like you actually are standing in front of the room. Very helpful for such a challenge!

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