Have You Already Tried the Virtual Stylist ?

As all women I am interested in fashion and finding my own style. I like quizzes too. If you are like me – must try the new virtual stylist – Dressipi. It is a new and fast improving web site to give you style advices. They are not always 100% correct I guess but is fun to try. First I have registered myself and answered some questions about my measurements, type of the figure, sizes of clothes I own, my fashion needs and confidence, brands I like or would like to shop. Then the style advice was given. First try was like this:

It was total not me (though there were some interesting points). I tried it again. This was the result:

That was was more like me even if I had doubts about some items.

Also I have got some other suggestions as well as type of clothes I must have or avoid:

Even if it have not had any influence on my style, for sure I had fun and discovered some new things and possibilities for myself.

3 Responses to “Have You Already Tried the Virtual Stylist ?”
  1. dapperdolly says:

    That’s really awesome and really late in the day, price comparison sites have been around for a few years but it’s about time we could mix/match items as well, big sites should have their own clothes comparison too as it could really boost sales.

  2. That’s a good idea! I’ve got to go take some measurements now… 😉

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