Through My Window: Week 3

Happy Monday everyone! Here are the photos through the window of the week 3.

I posted the photos of the week 2 on Monday and forgot to take the picture!

Tuesday: the lovely late Northern sunrise! You can see the small river that starts in the mountains flooded with the water of melted snow.

Wednesday started to snow again. It was a heavy snow all the day. I made the first photo in the morning:

Then in the afternoon all our windows to the side of the mountains were covered with snow:

and that was the view behind:

Which one is the best? Which view to keep to represent the 18th of January?

Thursday’s photo was the first one this year that I really liked. The view like this is the reason to start this project:

Friday: heavy snow all the day again. The spruces are getting so beautiful, aren’t they?

Saturday in the morning (almost the sunrise):

In the afternoon (cold sunny midwinter day):

In the evening (can you see that mysterious fog that was gone after few minutes?) :

Still can not decide which one to keep for Saturday . . .

Sunday (sunrise again; love these pink towers of steam from the hot springs in the distance!):

That is all. See you next week at the same place!


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