In Another Time And Space

Have you ever met people that seem to live in totally another time and space while being your neighbors ? Have you ever had a feeling that some things, thoughts and images came like from the different reality? I think I felt something like that while spotting these photos in the web space (don’t you think web is our parallel reality?). This engagement session in New Orleans is shoot by Dallas, TX based photographers Matthew and Katie Moore. I like this vintage look so much!

Another photo session of engaged couple is adorable too! This portrait probably is my favorite from there:

More works of  Matthew and Katie Moore here. Do not forget to check their blog!

All photos by Matthew and Katie Moore.

4 Responses to “In Another Time And Space”
  1. I adore these. Just adore them. I love the thought of different times together. I want that! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nikki says:

    Oh WOW, these are darling… That shot you say is your favorite is incredible, especially with that patched wood background. What a find. Thanks for sharing, I’m really loving this couple’s work. 🙂

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