I Pretend I Am A . . . Fashion Designer Vol. I, II, III / Apsimesiu, kad esu . . . drabužių dizainerė, I – III dalis


Hi there everybody! It seems that I am behind with my project . . . Oh yeah I am! I am not an excuse person but I promised the updates and did not deliver. Well I had a terrible stomach disorder earlier this week and just started to get well today. I kept on publishing the earlier prepared  articles about Icelandic bread and my wafer pan this week. Now let us look what I have done this week as a fashion designer. Well, not much. Anyway here it is. My first small collection of children clothes. Why children clothes? First, because I have one very picky fashionista graving in our family (I am tired buying and making clothes for my daughter – she just refuses wearing it!). Second, I know the requirements and peculiarities of sizes and measurements. Third, in does not need so much investment (little clothes does not need many materials to make:)). Fourth, I see the possibility to sell it . Please meet the results:


Some comments on models:

1. A set of jacket and skirt made out of woolen tartan fabric. Jacket buttoned, with ruffles. Skirt with elastic waste.

2. Thick fleece coat with buttons and collar-hood.

3. Cotton shirt with ruffled sleeves and front, buttons. Low waste tied with a tape of the same material.

4. Cotton dress with ruffled front and wooden beads of various colors for buttons and decoration.

5. Fleece jacket with french zipper fastened front, decorated with flowers of the same material.

6. Fleece jacket with french zipper fastened front, braided waste and flower of the same material.

I have one more set and a bag in my mind to be added to the collection.

In the beginning I intended to sew some of these models but probably I would not make it this week: it is a planing day in kindergarten tomorrow and we will be going swimming and somewhere else to have fun with my daughter; we go to dancing classes on Saturday and to Lithuanian school on Sunday. I am so much interested to finish this collection so it looks that will be doing this next week too. Beside the new subject of the next week. I hope 🙂

2 Responses to “I Pretend I Am A . . . Fashion Designer Vol. I, II, III / Apsimesiu, kad esu . . . drabužių dizainerė, I – III dalis”
  1. Silvija says:

    Pamirsai vertima

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