Monday / Pirmadienis

It is Monday afternoon. I have already been to two stores with Tjorvi’s brother for whom I am making the interior of their apartment. We have bought floor tiles for small bathroom and entrance area and have chosen sanitary ware for the same bathroom. I need to start writing about this interior! We have already started to make order in our garage and storage room. I wish our storage room will changes from this.

  to this  

____________________________(Home office from Woman’s Day magazine via Babble’s Family Style blog)

I will keep you posted about updates there.

Among old Tjorvi’s stuff we found one vintage piece that I will tell you about later.

Oh and look what I have got! I have a stand for my laptop! It is with two coolers and can be used as storage and protection tray for laptop. With this tray you can carry your laptop in any bag.


I am invited to two receptions next week so I need two new dresses. Make or buy? Or some mixed solution?

(and loose some weight till then :D)

Back to work!

(Going to play room and eating ice cream with my daughter in the late afternoon!)


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