Big Cleaning (And Making Order)! / Didysis valymas (ir tvarkymasis)!

Yes, it is our garage! It needs to be cleaned.

My daughter started in kindergarten today after one month summer vacation so I started making order at home and around.

It should have been a to-do list, but it ended up that I am going to finish this post just now. So, planed-and-done list:

– disassemble and pack baby bed (that was still standing in our bedroom for more that a half a year since our daughter started to sleep in her room), baby chair (that we keep for guests) and a changing table that used to be on the top of a commode: DONE. Also packed the pillow-pad for changing table, curtain holder and mattress for baby bed, baby scales and a front table for a toddler chair that our daughter is sitting on now.



Also DONE:

– cleaned the bedroom;

– ironed two (out of three) big table-clothes and some other stuff that was waiting on the ironing board for some time;

– played outside with my daughter after kindergarten;

– made some planing for tomorrow and the rest of the week;

– some paperwork for Lithuanian-Icelandic Community;

– written this post and prepared one more;


– to finish the post about updates in my daughter’s room (forgot to make photos when there was a good light);

To-do tomorrow:

– to meet Tjorvi’s brother and his wife to discuss further the interior of their apartment that  I am working on for some time already;

– to work on their interior, make a list and some calculations for shopping with them on Wednesday;

– to write the post about it;

– to visit the dentist;

– to iron the remaining table cloth;

– to clean and make order in my daughter’s room, make some photos and finish the post about updates there;

Some further planes to share:

– to make order in garage; finish making layouts for wardrobes and other storage units there; make a list of goods to buy;

– to make a workroom out of a storage room next to laundry room; to make a layout and list of stuff to buy;

– to finish layout for few shelves in our laundry room;

– to finish a project of kid’s room for my girlfriend and write a post about it;

– to paint the old side and coffee tables (I already have paints and brushes);

– to make order around the house (weed in between pavement tiles, cut the grass and weed the moss, agree with our neighbor to bring and place some more stones, brush the boards of the deck and think of some better finishing for it);

– to agree with a photographer to make my daughter’s three-year photos.

. . . and many more 🙂


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